Clinical pharmacists with the London Family Health Team work directly with the family physician and other members of the health care team. Clinical pharmacists are able to see people with a broad range of medication issues.

Clinical pharmacists will review:
– Prescription medications
– Over the counter medications
– Herbal or natural remedies

The clinical pharmacist will work with you and your physician to resolve any problems and prevent future problems. Patients see the pharmacist for one or more visits as needed and can be referred at any time. Having a clinical pharmacist on the London Family Health Team ensures:
– improved access to pharmacy services in primary care including smoking cessation
– expands the range of pharmacy issues seen in primary care
– increases collaboration between family doctors and pharmacists
– increases family doctors’ knowledge and comfort managing medication issues and supports prevention and health promotion through education and advocacy.
– provides opportunity for home visits when needed

Rob Campbell B.ScPhm. R. PhmPharmacist