Our Team

Family Physicians
Dr. Tracy Ouellet, MD, CCFP, FCFPFamily Physician, Beaverbrook Site519-672-2273
Dr. Silvia Orsini, MD, CCFP, FCFPFamily Physician, Beaverbrook Site519-432-4107
Dr. Cathy Faulds, MD, CCFP, FCFP, ABPUMFamily Physician, Beaverbrook Site519-473-4394
Dr. Catherine Walsh, MD, CCFP, FCFPFamily Physician, Beaverbrook Site519-432-4107
Dr. Anne Souter, MD, CCFP, FCFPFamily Physician, Beaverbrook Site519-432-4107
Dr. Michaele Fleming, MD, CCFP, FCFPFamily Physician, Beaverbrook Site519-642-2077
Dr. Tracey Kinigakis, MD, CCFP, FCFP, ABFPFamily Physician, Beaverbrook Site519-642-2077
Dr. Suzanne Taylor Wall, MD, CCFPFamily Physician, Beaverbrook Site519-642-2077
Dr. Gordon Schacter, MD, CCFP, FCFPFamily Physician, Beaverbrook Site519-673-3900
Dr. Debbie Norrie, MD, CCFPFamily Physician, Medway Site519-657-0002
Dr. Kirk Hollohan, MD, CCFP Family Physician, Stoneycreek Site519-679-1717
Dr. Deirdre Brown, MD, CCFPFamily Physician, Stoneycreek Site519-679-1717
Dr. Bill McKeough, MD, CCFP, FCFPFamily Physician, Stoneycreek Site519-679-1717
Dr. Rachel Bevan, MD, PhD, CCFPFamily Physician, Beaverbrook Site519-473-4394
Dr. Marty Bezaire, MD, CCFPFamily Physician, Stoneycreek Site519-679-1717
Dr. AdamLucas, MD, CCFPFamily Physician, Stoneycreek Site519-679-1717

*The Medway site is located at Suite 3-520 Sarnia Road

*The Stoneycreek site is located at 770 South Wenige Drive, Unit 1

The following allied health professionals are clinicians who work in a collaborative environment with the physicians.

Social workers are members of the multidisciplinary London Family Health Team. The primary role of social workers is to help our patients build and maintain health by addressing social and emotional concerns.

Social Workers
John McClelland MSW, RSWSocial Worker
Angela Townend MSW, RSWSocial Worker
Kim Aube-Nixon MSW, RSWSocial Worker

Nurse practitioners work both independently and collaboratively with other health care professionals to provide individuals and families with high quality care services.

Nurse Practitioners
Kendra Sinal BScN, MN, RN (EC)Nurse Practitioner

Registered nurses within the London Family Health Team work with our doctors, social workers, dietitians, and pharmacists to provide care that promotes health and prevents disease.

Registered Nurses
Kasia Kalarus R.N., BScNRegistered Nurse
Ann Lilley R.N. CDERegistered Nurse
Heather Rumleskie R.N., BScNRegistered Nurse

Psychologists are health professionals who study thoughts, feelings, attitudes and relationships in order to understand behaviours.

Dr. Jonathan Chapman Ph.D., C.PsychPsychologist

The respiratory therapist can help patients who have been newly diagnosed or who have poorly controlled asthma, COPD, or other related lung conditions.

Respiratory Therapists
Fiona Geddis BHSc, RRT, CRERespiratory Therapist

Dietitians can contribute to health promotion and illness prevention strategies and develop specialized nutrition therapy and rehabilitation strategies to address specific nutrition related illness.

Registered Dietitian
Luma Al-Shubbak, MScFN, RD, CQM, CSNMDietitian

Clinical pharmacists work with the family physicians and other members of the health care team to resolve any medication issues or concerns.

Rob Campbell B.ScPhm. R. PhmPharmacist

The London Family Health Team is supported by a dedicated group of administrative professionals.

Jayne GrahamExecutive Director
Darci PoirierAdministration
Debi PageProgram Development/Administration Assistant
Clare ClausenReceptionist/Clerical Administration