Social Workers

Social Workers

Social WorkersSocial Workers at the London Family Health Team support patients who experience mental health concerns such as depression or anxiety. Social Workers use counseling skills in their work to help individuals learn new ways to respond to stressful events in their lives. These events may include work or school issues and family stressors including interpersonal conflicts, grief, parenting concerns and stress from caring for elderly relatives. Psychosocial education is provided, and patients may be also assisted in accessing community resources and supports. Social Workers are trained to support vulnerable populations faced with issues including abuse, financial strain and inadequate housing. A strengths-based approach is utilized to develop skills and enhance coping capacities so that overall health is achieved, and positive changes can be made. Social Workers at the London Family Health Team are registered members of the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers and may also be members of the Ontario Association of Social Workers.

Social Workers help to optimize patient health through the provision of services such as:

  • Assessing and treating psychosocial and mental health problems
  • Facilitating evidence-based individual and group counseling
  • Providing information, advocacy and referral with respect to community programs and professionals
  • Consulting with other London Family Health Team members to coordinate care and maximize outcomes
  • Providing education for patients and families regarding the interconnection of physical, social and mental health-including management of short term and chronic health problems.
  • Assisting with goal-setting, problem-solving and planning for the future.

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