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Who We Are

“Prevention is better than cure.”1 The London Family Health Team believes that is true, so we first focus on educating and promoting health, followed by treating and managing illness.

Our team serves over 20,000 patients and includes 16 family physicians along with a host of other care providers, each bringing expertise in their specific area of diagnosis, treatment and care.

We help you manage your health by improving access to care and offering programs and services that promote health and manage chronic diseases. From understanding and managing diabetes to discerning mental health concerns, we provide screening, education, counseling, and support to all of our rostered patients.

The London Family Health Team is committed to nurturing a new generation of professional health organizations. We ensure our physicians and allied health professionals participate in continuous medical education to remain current on the latest knowledge and skills.

1 Quote from Desiderius Erasmus

Our Team Includes

Our Mission

Partners in health, creating a healthier community

Our Vision

Optimizing health and wellness through primary care

Our Core Values


Our Board of Directors

We are committed to excellence and accountability through our volunteer board of directors.

  • Mr. Michael Boucher, Chair
  • Mr. Piyush Shah, Treasurer
  • Dr. Rashmi Bhalla, FHO Lead
  • Mrs. Leslie Geukers, Vice Chair
  • Dr. Martin Bezaire
  • Dr. Brett Hill
  • Dr. Silvia Orsini 
  • Mrs. Sharon Taylor
  • Mr. R. Graham Morton
  • Dr. Amanda Spadafora
  • Dr. Tracy Ouellet (ex-officio, Lead Clinician)
  • Amy Lee, Executive Director (ex-officio, Secretary)

After Hours Clinic

If you have a medical problem that cannot wait until the next business day.

Free access to a Registered Nurse 24/7 at:
"811" (TTY: 1-866-797-0007)

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